How to commit suicide? Google will help you out

(it’s just a healthy blog…I have 0% intention in promoting suicide..)Well..A lot of bloggers are into the habit of copying and pasteing the stuff…just to   honeycomb a lot of people and hence increase their followers (yes! Such people really do exist)..

I personally prefer to post original stuff..(glad!! )

I was actually going through opera mini’s news feed and came to know that there are a lot of people who have lost interest in their lives and fail to enjoy this blissful and awesome world. ( well..everyone have their own reasons)

We all know that life isn’t easy…she’s a bitch with its own norms.but she’s beautiful..(trust me on this)

It’s easy to say that don’t worry my friend everything will be fine sooner or later…( aww :’) )

A few people don’t have such friends who can actually understand their pain and help them to face the hardships of life with a smiling face…and there comes this bitch (suicide)

She’s like a fake friend…she will give you a helping hand ,claiming that she will give you a easy way to come out of all the problems of life…but she has completely opposite intention..she wants to steal your life which is more beautiful than death..

Here comes the picture of Google…

It has saved a lot souls from death..and here the question comes..

Woah! ! How is this possible..?

Once a girl Googled how to commit suicide and then Google baba popped up with some helpline number’s claiming to give  some of the best ideas to commit suicide..but unfortunately on her part that helpline no. Saved her life (ironical..duh ah)

U can also check the same on Google just to get to know that such helpline number really do exist..( yeah u can confirm) you just need to type : how to commit suicide?

P.S in case any of your friend needs help.. just give him or her that helpline number ( )​​​

4 Comments Add yours

  1. bhawana18 says:

    I am really proud of you woman
    You are posting such good stuffs.
    I never new this side of you . trust me you are amazing at this


    1. neyha1111 says:

      Same goes for u girl..i mean jst look at ur blogs..they are really very amazing..btw ty for the appreciation

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sagar Yadav says:

    I didn’t know U girls have such a good command on ur language .
    Atlast I’m seeing something positive from
    The PBN


    1. Haha…so finally it came to ur attention (chuckles ) btw ty atleast u noticed


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