She’s not a Virgin…oh! ! Lemme give her a character certificate then

She’s  beautiful…she’s amazing..she’s exceptional….she’s honest…she’s lovable…she’s intelligent…she’s one of a kind Bro…..I think i love her”…He said.(He’s not talking about her virginity 🙂 )GREAT 

But In India “Mr. He ” is worried about the virginity of his fiancé. He wants a girl who posses that layer of honour (you know…hymen)

Mr he… are you a Virgin?

“Who cares about my virginity”…He said what about your sister…your girl friend..your fiancé? …past is! ! why to bother her then (change your mindset then)

Mr he -“She’s a girl…she should know know her limits…A boy has nothing to loose..Being a non Virgin.. could bring disgrace to her family”  (have you lost your mind…look at you…you call yourself an educated person…disgusting!! )

Well he was Mr he ( all men are not same…em only taking about some exceptional cases  who rate girls on their looks,Sexuality and especially virginity and label them as pure and impure)

 We can’t solely blame Mr he. Lots of Ms and Mrs she. Are also giving character certificate to girls on the basis of virginity factor.(what a!!)

How disgusting is this.. a girl who is Virgin before marriage…only that girl can be good wife ( or we can say…she’s the only perfect wifey material)

A badge of honor, when a boy loses it. 
A blot of shame, when a girl loses it. 
Two genders. 
One sex. 
Two judgements. 
One hypocrisy. 

What really disappoints me and hurts me a lot is …when people apply their shitty theories on how can we tell whether a girl is Virgin or not..( like really! ! ! My friend are you a gynaecologist…no? ..then who gave you such knowledge…ah no one? Ok then why are you bikering so much…keep your mouth shut)

They say that if she bleeds on first night then she’s a Virgin ,if she possess a hymen..she’s a Virgin (they give a lot more theories…I can’t really Mention them…because they are nothing more then bullshit myths)

Lemme tell you my friend…its a proven fact that hymen can break because of other reasons also..( horseriding, use of tampons, stretching exercises etc) before applying your petty theories..plz go and have a look on Google…

Also..its a proven scientific fact that…no one can really tell the virginity of girl…on basis of above two or other factors….only a girl can tell whether she’s a Virgin or not( got it)

Idk… why do we need to certify their character on basis of their past Sexual relationship…why are we giving so much Importance to that mucus layer…ah hymen….why are we so much bothered about her virginity…why can’t we accept the fact that now she’s with me…she loves me…she trust me…no matter she possesses that layer or it got teared away…accept her the way she is( please)

No girl wants to bring disgrace to her family…everyone have emotions…everyone have feelings..why can’t you understand that..she loved him…so she gave all of her into him…but he left her…(why are you punishing her then)…

She can be a sister . She can be a best friend . She can be wife. She can be anything you want her to be…she only needs someone who can love her….take care of her..accept the way she is…

Guys and girls…It was her past…let It be there only….no need to stretch it so much…give her respect…don’t label her…

 She’s a Virgin…and she’s proud of it…its her choice to stay Virgin 

And if she’s not a virgin…Then also there’s no harm…its her choice…let It be

I am a writer…and I want to know…what do you feel about such senisitive topic…

Tell me…I am listening 🙂

3 Comments Add yours

  1. monisha mitra says:

    neha…..u r the bst writr….
    u said it vry nicely…..👍👍
    i hope so …aftr reading this…..the mindset of somepeople will change….u r doing a good job….keep it up….😎😘


    1. Ty so much….your comment really means a lot…n yes i wish the same…i am trying my best to bring a change at small level 🙂


  2. sexlinestories says:

    so if you are a virgin, you get married, I bet there is also pressure even if you have no experience be a sex goddess?


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