Slut/whore…which word suits her better..

 (Before reading this must be clear about these two words…)

I am a keen observer when it comes to the behaviour of people…(i cant really read their mind but always try to figure out…whts going on in their mind)

Today we live in scenario where using slang words have become a fashion for teens (i generally prefer to use the word “fuck”..It sounds to cool…ah no)

Well fuck word doesn’t seem that much bad…but calling a girl slut or whore…really doesn’t sound good..(who are you to say that)

  • I really didn’t get the logic behind calling your ex or the girl who is very beautiful(which means far beyond your reach) or the girl who rejected your proposal . or the girl who prefer to have male best friend . or the girl who said bad about you (it goes for both girls and guys)or the girl you hate for your own fucking reasons….A WHORE/SLUT (this isn’t cool right)

The words “slut” and “whore” are aggressive. But I will not let society control me with the use of these words.(let them say..what they want to…babes let them bark..)

Being labeled as “slutty whore” by others is abhorrent. In a patriarchal society, there is an inherent danger in these words. Because these words support Rape Culture. (ya..thats true)
There are compelling reasons to support sensitivity around the use of these words; why feminists fight against the use of these words….coz we don’t need such get a definition by wimpy people (jerks)

Sexual harassment is UGLY. Objectifying women is UGLY..girls and guys think twice before using those words..because you are no one to define her…she is what.. she wants to be…so what if..she rejected you…so what if she’s more beautiful,talented,spunky than what if she prefers to have male friends…you are no one to gift her with these overwhelming and beautiful words(ya ya…you know what I mean)

Try to appreciate her…you got a life to appreciate beauty of life and nature…don’t waste it in giving false definitions to her ( use your heart..Instead of your mind)

I am a writer..And I want to know how you feel about those words….

Talk to me…I am listening 🙂

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